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Pravoved.kg site terms


1. To obtain accurate advice necessary to make the questions "in your own words," but clearly, obviously and briefly as possible. Website administration is not responsible for providing inadequate (according to the requesting person) consultation with imprecise and / or incorrect statement of the issue by the requesting party.


2. Consultation contains arguments and facts, opinions of lawyers, based solely on the norms of the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic and is a recommendation.


3. Request for legal services to be paid under the conditions specified in the section "Cost of services". Outstanding requests are subject to review and processing. Payment may be performed through the payment system "Elsom" or directly in the office Pravoved.kg (see. Contacts).


4. In the event that the amount of services can not be determined at once (for example, when it is impossible to determine how many pages will be in the contract) makes a deposit in the amount of the cost of services in the amount of one thousand (1,000) soms. According to the results of the service by the administration of Pravoved.kg web site counted and billed to the customer for payment. Invoice for payment must be paid by the client within three days after issuing such an account.


5. Requests for consultations are handled and executed in a period of not more than three working days from the payment advice requesting party (the client). Services to work with the contracts are within the period specified with the requesting party (the client).


6. Administration of this site will not consider issues on request to provide advice that contain obscene words (except when the provision of consultation requires an exact reproduction of the words of the situation), the call for incitement of ethnic, intercultural, interfaith, inter-racial hatred and hostility, the call for a violent change of the constitutional system of Kyrgyz Republic or other state requests for advice to commit unlawful acts. Administration of this site makes independent decisions on reference of a matter to the above categories of questions.


7. Requests are processed and executed in online mode, either directly in the office Pravoved.kg (see contacts) according to the mode of service: from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 18.00 (except public holidays).


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